Thursday, 20 March 2003

We sat down last night and watched Panic Room on DVD. I hadn't seen the film for a couple of months and even then only on a small screen on a plane in economy class... Panic Room is a dark film at the best of times and obviously wasn't well suited to trans-atlantic flight as a display medium, it fared much better in my living room however on my widescreen TV.

It's amazing how much of a good film you can miss at each viewing, and only discover later. The collection of drugs in the mini-fridge as Meg puts Sarah to bed for example. Never noticed those the last time, and as such the whole plot line of Sarah being a diabetic comes as something of a shock. I found I'd remembered things in the wrong order as well. I was convinced that the cops turned up before the husband, and when he did finally arrive I found myself wondering what had happened to the cops. Only when they turned up later on did it click that I'd just remembered the film out of sequence. The biggest thing that I noticed the second time over the first, unfortunately, was the product placement - both Nokia and Evian got a lot of screen time (I'm suprised they weren't on the actor credits), but it seems that that is the way the industry is going and we'll all have to get used to filtering it out.

Sterling performances from Jodie Foster and Forest Whitaker, two of my favorite actors, make this a 'watch again' movie...

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