Thursday, 29 May 2003

Okay, I guess the lesson is learned... although the hard way is called hard for a reason. Don't try and convert an alter in plain sight of the priestess, she gets pissed and then she kicks your little monk butt!

Goodbye REALJimBob the Monk...

You died in Gnomish Mines on dungeon level 6 with 2278 points,
and 466 pieces of gold, after 2591 moves.
You were level 6 with a maximum of 42 hit points when you died.

2278 REALJimBob-Mon-Hum-Fem-Cha died in Gnomish Mines on level 6.
Killed by a priestess of Shan Lai Ching {2591}. - [42]

Currently listening to John Tavener's Innocence CD. The choral works are very relaxing, with the two William Blake poems sounding especially good.

Wednesday, 28 May 2003

Finally got The Overclocking Store to agree to a refund on my busted SS50 case and motherboard... now I just have to figure out what to do with a 2GHz Celeron, 1GB RAM, a 20GB HD and a CD-ROM...

Purchased Cycling Weekly on impulse today and found the results of the British National 10 mile TT... wow, my little sister made the print. Not an amazing time, 29:09, 6:09 off the lead lady's time, but still a PB apparently. The fiance managed a more respectable 22:02 which was 2:23 off the lead pace. Still, both more impressive than my non-existant times...

Tuesday, 27 May 2003

Good news, good news and more good news, yet strangely I'm still left rather empty...

  • The maxtor, frankly, rocks in a fairly major way. I'm not quite sure how I'm gonna come close to filling 250GB(*), but I intend to have a damm good try...

  • Very good news from a friend...

  • Had an excellent slap-up chinese lunch at the Royal China restaurant down on the riverside today. Myself and two chums from work - good conversation and plenty of food is a combination that is pretty hard to beat.

(*) Currently looking at 10GB of mp3, my entire back catalogue of Digital Blasphemy, full backups of both my laptops, pretty much everything I've ever downloaded and kept, several VMWare virtual machines, full source code archives for all my recent Linux From Scratch endeavours and a whole bunch of unsorted junk. Still barely denting it though.

Saturday, 10 May 2003

And another promising young monk bites the dust... Having fluffed Sokoban on only level two, I was faced with returning to the main dungeon empty handed and low on food. My anger at my stupidity apparently left me foolishly brave in combat and I died before even getting out of Sokoban again... Sheesh!

Goodbye REALJimBob the Monk...

You died in Sokoban on dungeon level 4 with 9328 points,
and 368 pieces of gold, after 6766 moves.
You were level 8 with a maximum of 56 hit points when you died.

9328 REALJimBob-Mon-Hum-Fem-Cha died in Sokoban on level 4 [max 8].
Killed by a Woodland-elf {6766}. - [56]

Grumble, grumble, grumble...

Yay!!! Eric Raymond has returned from his hermitage...

Gotta be the longest darn 3 day delivery in the history of mankind... finally that Maxtor sucker turned up on Wednesday!

STILL haven't had any progress on the Shuttle system, apparently their supplier is just as slow as they are... :-(

And to cap the whole weekend off, not only has the little wife gone away for the weekend leaving me to do whatever I like... but coming home from the pub last night after work I missed my station by two stops. I was on the last train home and no taxis in sight, stupidly I listened to the part of my brain that suggested the walk home wouldn't be too bad really. A couple of hours later and I'm home with two huge blisters on the ball of each foot and an ugly little blood blister on my little toe -- YAK! So I'll have to waste the weekend resting and doing nothing, I can barely walk on the stumps.

Why do I only seem to post when I'm pissed off about something?