Saturday, 10 May 2003

Gotta be the longest darn 3 day delivery in the history of mankind... finally that Maxtor sucker turned up on Wednesday!

STILL haven't had any progress on the Shuttle system, apparently their supplier is just as slow as they are... :-(

And to cap the whole weekend off, not only has the little wife gone away for the weekend leaving me to do whatever I like... but coming home from the pub last night after work I missed my station by two stops. I was on the last train home and no taxis in sight, stupidly I listened to the part of my brain that suggested the walk home wouldn't be too bad really. A couple of hours later and I'm home with two huge blisters on the ball of each foot and an ugly little blood blister on my little toe -- YAK! So I'll have to waste the weekend resting and doing nothing, I can barely walk on the stumps.

Why do I only seem to post when I'm pissed off about something?

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