Sunday, 11 January 2004

Lost in Translation

Went to see the movie Lost in Translation yesterday. Frankly, I didn't know much about it and it looked at first glance like a bit of chick-flick but the wife is a Bill Murray fan so we went anyway.

Not a fantastic amount happens in the film, but it's a very well made people story. Yes, that's right a story - what so many films these days are lacking. It's not a feel good movie (neither character really gets what they want or need) and it's not just a chick flick (although the wife did cry almost the entire way through) but it is a touching observation of two unhappy people who have lost their purpose in life crossing paths in a foreign country, culture and language.


REALJimBob said...

This is a test comment, did it work?

Anonymous said...

Of course it did you fool!