Tuesday, 29 January 2008

DPReview: Lens Reviews

Digital Photography Review has finally announced a new section for lens reviews alongside it's existing and excellent camera body reviews and news sections. Not much there so far, a couple of Canon and Pentax kit-style lenses, but with the promise of more to come. Hopefully this explains why the camera review section seemed so slow towards the tail end of last year...

West India Quay

, originally uploaded by REALJimBob.

Rediscovering a whole bunch of photographs I shot on film a while ago. I had ordered myself a Canon EOS 30, and while waiting for it to arrive I was test driving a friend’s. We went for a wander and I managed to get through 2 rolls of film — this colour one and a black and white one too.

The colour shots I was very happy with. I’m constantly pleased with the ratio of good to crap that I get from film compared to that for digital. I suspect that the mental reminder that each shot is costing me real money might help to focus my endeavour, but I think part of it is just the ‘look’ of film that you don’t get with digital.

The two lesson learned though, were… Firstly, the flashing number in the viewfinder means something. When you’re shooting ISO 400 film and have fixed the aperture at f/1.8 you’re not going to get a fast enough shutter speed to avoid blowing the shots. And, secondly, a lesson I’m relearning at the moment, Jessops are shite for developing anything out of the ordinary — colour 35mm a day or so, black and white a week or so, my current roll of black and white 120mm film has been a month and a half (and still waiting)…